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Dog Training

Private Puppy & Adult Dog Obedience Training Classes

"I can recommend Sharron Mack unreservedly to help you train your dog. Give her a try. You will not be disappointed."

~ John S., North Falmouth

Positively Yours Dog Training is unique in its approach to dog obedience. We use praise, treats and toys to reward your dog for doing what you ask him to do. Because the reward makes him more likely to repeat the behavior, positive reinforcement is one of our most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog's behavior. In summary, we reward the behaviors we want and ignore those we do not want.‚Äč

Obedience I Training for Puppies & Adult Dogs
(6) one-hour training sessions (2-3 times per week)
Cost: $225.00

Private, in-home obedience training class for puppies, adult dogs and their humans. Working with your schedule, it is ideal to hold 2-3 sessions per week as it keeps your dog engaged with the training and provides more effective results. Family involvement is encouraged.

Puppy & Adult Dog Training

Our private, in-home puppy and adult dog training classes (Obedience I & II) build a solid foundation that includes sit, down, stay, come, loose-leash walking, leave it, greet people without jumping and greet other dogs without getting overexcited.  
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Behavioral Training Lessons

Our private, in-home behavioral dog training sessions focus on problem dog behaviors that are important to you.
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K9 Free Consults

It is important for us to understand your dog's training needs before you begin the training.  Contact us to set up your free consultation today.

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Obedience II Training for Puppies & Adult Dogs
"Taking it to the Streets"
(6) one-hour training sessions (1 time per week)
Cost: $225.00

Once your Training is completed at home the natural progression is to explore another environment. Each week we will train at different sites around town. Ideally, your dog should be well trained both in and out of the home.